Estimate the value of your TIF bond based on current market rates

Hageman Capital understands the need for certainty when it comes to your proposed development, especially, how your bond can affect your project’s returns and your contributed equity. Hageman Capital provides capital for real estate developers looking to effectively use TIF bonds. Fill out the form below and get an estimate of TIF proceeds.


Overall spread and underwriting assumptions

Hageman Capital purchases TIF bonds based off of a spread to the current 10 year Treasury rate, depending on the type of development project you are undertaking, as well as the jurisdiction and the length of your TIF award.


Mechanisms to mitigate interest rate risk

By managing our interest risk exposure, we can rely those benefits to our development partners. Our rate lock-in mechanism allows for developers to set interest rates on their bonds months prior to the TIF bond closing or funding, providing certainty in a volatile interest rate environment. Through executing an interest rate swap on the purchased bonds, we can lock the bond rate, mitigating future interest rate volatility.


More capital without additional equity contributions

Selling your bond provides immediate capital at construction loan closing, which means less capital contributed by your organization. Without having to borrow additional funds within the construction loan,  Hageman Capital is flexible to working with your project’s timeline and details, and net the maximum amount of proceeds based on your incentive award.

Funds for your TIF

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Hageman Capital purchases TIF bonds for up front capital. Get your bond value estimate today with our online calculator, and get a complimentary assessment for your bond’s worth.

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