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At Hageman Capital, we specialize exclusively in Tax Increment Financing (TIF). We provide real estate developers with capital by purchasing TIF bonds, enabling projects to move forward and communities to prosper.


Our process is designed to align with your specific needs a, timeline and status of your project.


–Immediate capital through the purchase of your TIF bonds

–Specialized expertise to assist you with the structuring and timing of your TIF financing


Benefit from private capital, expertise and additional resources


Hageman Capital is the source of financial support for your development through TIF. We’re not just bond investors; we understand real estate development and are equipped with the funds necessary to propel your project to feasibility.


As a private source of capital we reduce risk and timeline limitations. You gain access to millions in additional proceeds by selling your TIF bonds, enabling you to minimize contributed equity and enhance your development’s returns. Trust in us to not just finance your next project, but to actively participate in realizing your vision for success.

Simplify your TIF journey

Years of experience and CRE developer commitment

Hageman Capital has a robust team of experts in Real Estate and Finance. We offer a collaborative approach with developers who need the right mix of financial acumen and deal knowledge to help their communities grow.

About Hageman Capital

Developers value partnering with Hageman Capital

The Hageman team’s expertise in commercial real estate, TIF, and public-private partnerships has been an extremely valuable resource for our team. Having Hageman Capital as a financing partner also provides us a great deal of credibility with our investors, construction lenders, and municipal partners. They are a great group of people who care about how their involvement in a project can help achieve extraordinary outcomes for Rebar, our stakeholders, and the communities we serve.

Shelby Bowen, President & Partner of Rebar Development

Working with Hageman Capital to finance TIF bonds was a great experience, they made the process simple and transparent. We appreciate their partnership and willingness to solve complicated issues fairly and quickly.

Fede Boscaini, Director of Development & Finance of Gershman Partners

Working with Hageman Capital on our Carmel, IN project was a great process. We were able to successfully structure a unique financing arrangement to monetize our real estate tax incentive bonds. Their team took a partnership approach and looked for a win-win solution for both sides. We look forward to our next deal together!

Matt Cremer, Managing Principal of Tegethoff Development