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Need an estimate on TIF proceeds as you’re planning your project? Provide your development’s TIF incentive details in our free proceeds calculator to get a projected range of your TIF bond’s current market value.

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Tax increment financing requires authoritative expertise. Hageman Capital provides critical financial analysis, coordination with your municipality and legal expertise to maximize your bond’s value.

Our aim is to reduce the risks associated with developer-backed bonds and enhance the proceeds to the developer, easing the burden of TIF financing for your team and paving the way for direct access to upfront capital.

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Benefit from our forward rate-lock prior to funding

Market volatility affects interest rates, adding uncertainty for developers and proposed projects. Monetizing your TIF with Hageman Capital provides the opportunity to forward rate-lock, ensuring certainty in your TIF proceeds prior to funding.


Maximize returns with the right bond structure

The structuring of your TIF incentive significantly impacts the proceeds you can generate. Partners of Hageman Capital gain advisory expertise on negotiating and creating new single-site TIFs, understanding the legal framework of your agreements to increase available proceeds and the value your development brings to the community. As your TIF partner, Hageman Capital helps developers structure and close new TIF bonds with your target municipality. We’re your TIF advisors, helping to strike the right balance with your project’s pro-forma and its calculated improvements related to the tax increment.

Bond structuring process

State and local guidance with Hageman Capital

Each state has a unique set of guidelines and statutes for the creation and use of TIF funds. Additionally, each municipality has custom “But For” clauses that open the door for new development that meets certain project based requirements. Understanding how to align your commercial real estate project through the lens of these local requirements can further enhance your TIF proceeds and improve your project’s overall returns. Hageman Capital has the expertise and ability to leverage its knowledge with TIF incentives to enhance your TIF bond proceeds and overall project profitability.


Tax Increment Financing: a municipal development tool

In today’s development climate, the costs associated with large scale commercial development can add up quickly. Challenges such as local zoning and regulatory constraints, along with rising hard costs, demand a balanced approach to the proposed plan for your development. TIF bonds take your project plan and align future tax increases from completed development, to then be delivered to the bondholders. Selling your TIF bonds to Hageman Capital has established a new way to provide upfront financial benefits to your planned developments.

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