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2023, Multifamily

Hageman Capital was an integral partner of Buckingham for our Carmel Midtown AT&T project. They actively engaged in the process and identified potential pitfalls. Their contribution extended to generating creative solutions within the team and legal framework. Beyond their professional involvement, Xiao’s relationship-focused approach fostered a collaborative atmosphere. As we look to the future, Hageman Capital has earned a top position on our list, being among the first to explore and assess our upcoming projects.

Christopher W. Myrvold, Chief Financial Officer & Head of Real Estate of Buckingham

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2023, Multifamily

Working with Hageman Capital to finance TIF bonds was a great experience, they made the process simple and transparent. We appreciate their partnership and willingness to solve complicated issues fairly and quickly.

Fede Boscaini, Director of Development & Finance of Gershman Partners

2021, Multifamily

Working with Hageman Capital on our Carmel, IN project was a great process. We were able to successfully structure a unique financing arrangement to monetize our real estate tax incentive bonds. Their team took a partnership approach and looked for a win-win solution for both sides. We look forward to our next deal together!

Matt Cremer, Managing Principal of Tegethoff Development


TIF expertise raises your capital potential

When it comes to your bond, do you have the in-house knowledge to navigate the nuances of municipal regulations, how to value your development’s potential and apply it all to your bond structure? Not to worry, its why developers choose to partner with Hageman Capital. Boost your project returns and leave the TIF complexity to us.

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2020, Multifamily

Hageman Capital has found a niche in the real estate capital market by providing developers liquidity in the TIF bond market. The Hageman team is a fantastic partner because they not only understand real estate development but also have expertise in solving unique challenges. It is comforting to know the Hageman Capital team is there to provide capital, but just as important, assist in strategic decision making that helps make our communities a better place to live.

Justin Moffett, Founder of Old Town Companies

2020, Multifamily

The Hageman team’s expertise in commercial real estate, TIF, and public-private partnerships has been an extremely valuable resource for our team. Having Hageman Capital as a financing partner also provides us a great deal of credibility with our investors, construction lenders, and municipal partners. They are a great group of people who care about how their involvement in a project can help achieve extraordinary outcomes for Rebar, our stakeholders, and the communities we serve.

Shelby Bowen, President & Partner of Rebar Development


Not all TIF monetization options maximize your incentive award

Construction loans or alternative loans against TIF may limit overall upfront capital a developer can generate from its incentives. Many lenders may require more up-front capital to maintain loan-to-cost ratios, which limits your returns. Selling your TIF opens up additional capital to get the project completed, without needing to take on additional debt.

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