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Hageman Capital was formed in 2020 to provide developers and communities with expertise in tax increment finance and provide capital for TIF bonds. Hageman Group is a multigenerational family business that invests in agriculture and real estate.

As a branch of Hageman Group, the team at Hageman Capital is rooted in the core belief to “leave it better than you found it.” We strive to strengthen communities by providing value to developers for TIF. We are passionate about our work and the projects that enrich cities with places to live, work, and flourish.

Maximizing Community Investment

Creating Liquidity

Hageman Capital’s team of experts aims to provide liquidity in an otherwise illiquid space and maximizes cash proceeds to real estate developments through our robust bond underwriting, legal structuring, and real estate investment experience.

Enhancing Investment

Hageman Capital is a purchaser in single-site, developer-backed TIF bonds. We structure the bonds in a way that maximizes cash available to invest in the real estate project. As a result, our structure allows for better financing by decreasing additional equity on the real estate development, enabling a better project for developers, investors, and the community.

Real Estate Expertise

Unlike traditional, municipal-backed TIF bonds, single-site, developer-backed TIF bonds are not supported by municipal credit. Instead, these bonds are paid back by the incremental taxes generated from that specific development. Hageman Capital’s expertise in real estate creates more value for the TIF bond because of our ability to better underwrite of the real estate project, and assess risk holistically; not just on the bonds itself.

Certainty of Execution

Real estate developments are complex. Hageman Capital creates value by bringing certainty. We lock-in the price of the TIF bond prior to closing and provide funding at construction loan closing, removing a variable for developers, so they can focus on building the best product for their community.

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The Hageman Capital Team
  • Shane Hageman

    Shane Hageman

  • Tom Peck

    Tom Peck

    Chief Investment Officer
  • Xiao Ou Yuan

    Xiao Ou Yuan

    Managing Director, Hageman Capital
  • Jay Weddle

    Jay Weddle

    Director of Operations and General Counsel