January 18
How Hageman Capital Helps Developers Monetize TIF Bonds

Hageman Capital was created in 2021 by Hageman Group to help real estate developers maximize their tax increment financing (TIF) incentives by[…]

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January 3
TIF Monetization Basics

Tax increment financing (TIF) serves as a powerful tool for developers seeking to revitalize communities (TIF districts) and undertake ambitious economic development[…]

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January 3
Developer-Backed TIF Bonds Explained

Embarking on a real estate development journey often involves navigating a complex financial landscape, and tax increment financing (TIF) bonds emerge as[…]

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November 6
Tax Increment Financing Explained

TIF stands for Tax Increment Financing in the context of real estate. It is a public financing tool used by many state[…]

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June 23
How Developers Can Benefit From Using TIF Bonds On Their Deals With Xiao Ou Yuan

Click here to listen to this podcast on kentritter.com >> Key Points From The Episode: – Xiao’s background, how he and Kent[…]

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June 13
Hageman Capital Proven Process

Throughout any transaction, Hageman Capital provides tremendous value through our structuring expertise, or what we call, “Value Add Propositions.” This is heavily[…]

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March 21
Wealth Matters Podcast: How Does Tax Increment Financing Work?

Xiao Ou Yuan, our Managing Director at Hageman Capital, was recently on the Wealth Matters Podcast with Alpesh Parmar and talked about[…]

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February 22
Case Uses for TIF

Hageman Capital can provide real value to municipalities and real estate developers by purchasing TIF bonds and maximizing cash proceeds available for[…]

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February 15
Old Town

Old Town is a master developer who has successfully partnered with Hageman Capital to maximize TIF proceeds.

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