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Need a quick idea on what your TIF is worth? Get a range estimate for free and see what money your TIF bond can open up for your development.

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Securing a construction loan or even a developer backed TIF for your project introduces risk to your organization. Planning and market studies help to determine how feasible your development is, but TIF bonds give you a needed edge in your project’s funding.

Selling your bonds enables developers to jump start projects with more capital, and less contributed equity. It’s our mission to help communities foster and grow, through more development, more housing opportunities and greater incentives for developer’s planned projects. TIF incentives and Hageman Capital are your path to project success.


We’re the leaders in TIF bond monetization

Turning TIF incentives into project funding requires a different level of financial and real estate expertise. We excel in navigating the intricate landscape of federal, state, and local regulations that govern the municipal bond market. Our underwriting approach ensures that TIF bonds are structured and valued correctly, instilling unwavering confidence in your municipal partners and freeing up your project’s capital. Get back to doing what you do best and achieve your ideal financial goals for your development.

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Analyze your real estate project and your TIF

For many developers, as plans and costs change, so does your project pro-forma. To get a sense of where your TIF is valued as these variable change, provide the following:”

–Real estate pro-forma

–Construction timeline

–Construction loan closing date

–Funding date

–Length of TIF incentive

–Project narrative

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Our team has decades of experience structuring bonds in multiple states. Knowing how to best package your assets ensure you reach the limit of what your TIF can provide, unlocking the most capital for your project.

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We understand the development process, and the steps you needed to plan for a project and make it a reality. We’re your TIF partners and can optimize the timeline to structure and close your TIF transaction in lock-step with your construction closing.