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Market volatility has created uncertainty for real estate projects nationwide. How can developers meet housing demands or create commercial developments as borrowing costs continue to rise?

At Hageman Capital, we aim to support developers and foster community growth. With rate-locking mechanisms, you can be confident even as treasury rates fluctuate. Partner with our team to underwrite your TIF bonds, maximize your development’s TIF incentives and gain stability during your planning phase.

Monetize your TIF
TIF Bond Funding

Prioritizing your project’s best interest

At Hageman Capital, we consistently optimize proceeds on TIF bonds, fostering lasting partnerships with developers who trust our process. We’re experts in TIF, our process and results have made us the preferred choice for developers seeking valuable capital and insights. Our aim goes beyond financial support, we offer direction to positively impact our partners and communities

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Developer or municipally backed bonds; your incentive is more impactful than you think.

Through TIF bonds, municipalities offer greater opportunities for development, but the financing burden has shifted from municipal credit support to developer backing. In either case, Hageman Capital has the expertise and funding needed to unlock your TIF’s highest value.

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Bridge your project’s equity gap without additional debt

Single site TIF bonds are issued to developers assessing project feasibility, initiatives that would stall but for the creation of a TIF incentive. Why increase your equity contribution into your project, just to borrow additional funds against your TIF? Selling your TIF bonds to Hageman Capital turns them into immediate cash for project financing, enabling you to hit municipal requirements and maximizing returns for your development.

A new funding approach

Tax increment financing is an advantage for commercial real estate developers

TIF bridges the gap between a community’s desire for economic development and your planned project. In order for a developer to utilize TIF incentives, municipalities require developers adhere to certain financial and design standards. With Hageman Capital, you can utilize new single-site TIF bonds and unlock millions in capital for your proposed development.

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