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Hageman Capital is the best way to monetize your TIF bonds and yield maximum returns for your development projects. As the private source of capital for TIF, we’re your partner to help you turn TIF funded projects into financial success.

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Working with Hageman Capital on our Carmel, IN project was a great process. We were able to successfully structure a unique financing arrangement to monetize our real estate tax incentive bonds. Their team took a partnership approach and looked for a win-win solution for both sides. We look forward to our next deal together!

Matt Cremer, Managing Principal of Tegethoff Development

Hageman Capital has found a niche in the real estate capital market by providing developers liquidity in the TIF bond market. The Hageman team is a fantastic partner because they not only understand real estate development but also have expertise in solving unique challenges. It is comforting to know the Hageman Capital team is there to provide capital, but just as important, assist in strategic decision making that helps make our communities a better place to live.

Justin Moffett, Founder of Old Town Companies

The Hageman team’s expertise in commercial real estate, TIF, and public-private partnerships has been an extremely valuable resource for our team. Having Hageman Capital as a financing partner also provides us a great deal of credibility with our investors, construction lenders, and municipal partners. They are a great group of people who care about how their involvement in a project can help achieve extraordinary outcomes for Rebar, our stakeholders, and the communities we serve.

Shelby Bowen, President & Partner of Rebar Development

Expect higher returns from your project and your TIF

Up-front cash for your project

Privately sourced capital, financial expertise and consulting, to enhance your returns through customized bond structure.

Lower debt

Crucial capital infusion to your project, developers obtain needed funds to begin construction, without the need for additional debt that increases risk to your project.

Less contributed equity and higher returns

TIF funding boosts returns from the beginning by lowering required equity. Make your project feasible by selling your TIF.


A new approach to single site, single project TIF bonds

After securing your TIF bonds with your development’s municipality, your options are limited to use it to your benefit. Holding onto the bonds to accrue with semi-annual property tax payments, and you may lack the needed capital for construction. Working with your bank to loan against the TIF’s value requires more initial equity to access further funds.

We partner with developers to help make construction projects possible and improve communities. Selling your TIF bonds closes the equity gap needed by your financial team.

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Partnerships for successful developments

Single-site tax increment financing bonds have historically been illiquid, making monetization difficult to achieve. Hageman Capital reduces construction lender’s risk by reducing loan sizes and upfront liquidity for a project at closing. Our experience in real estate development and capital markets helps you navigate the risks of single-site, developer-backed bonds and get you higher TIF bond proceeds. It doesn’t end there, banks and other financial institutions attain ancillary benefits, all from mechanisms to bridge the gap between debt and equity.

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