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We understand developers. You need confidence in your project’s financials, we want to help you get your project started. Calculate your TIF bond’s worth with our online calculator, and see the difference working with Hageman Capital makes.

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Mitigate risk in complex development projects

Unlike municipal-backed TIF bonds, single-site, developer-backed TIF bonds are not supported by municipal credit. Instead, these bonds rely on the incremental property taxes generated from the specific development for which the bond was issued. Why hold onto the risk of your bonds when it can fund the success of your project up front?

Hageman Capital leverages its real estate expertise to enhance the value of your TIF bonds. Our finance and real estate experience led us to a new way of monetizing TIF. Through comprehensive underwriting and risk assessment, we offer custom solutions that align with your project incentives and maximize its value, underpinning our dedication to developers and community development.

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Developers love their results from working with Hageman Capital

Hageman Capital was an integral partner of Buckingham for our Carmel Midtown AT&T project. They actively engaged in the process and identified potential pitfalls. Their contribution extended to generating creative solutions within the team and legal framework.

Beyond their professional involvement, Xiao’s relationship-focused approach fostered a collaborative atmosphere. As we look to the future, Hageman Capital has earned a top position on our list, being among the first to explore and assess our upcoming projects.

Christopher W. Myrvold
Chief Financial Officer & Head of Real Estate of Buckingham

Working with Hageman Capital to finance TIF bonds was a great experience, they made the process simple and transparent. We appreciate their partnership and willingness to solve complicated issues fairly and quickly.

Fede Boscaini, Director of Development & Finance of Gershman Partners

Working with Hageman Capital on our Carmel, IN project was a great process. We were able to successfully structure a unique financing arrangement to monetize our real estate tax incentive bonds. Their team took a partnership approach and looked for a win-win solution for both sides. We look forward to our next deal together!

Matt Cremer, Managing Principal of Tegethoff Development

Hageman Capital VS. Banks

More capital in your projects

At Hageman Capital, we understand the value of your TIF incentives. More than just a component of your construction loan, your TIF represents a unique asset, and when monetized properly can provide substantial benefits. We believe your TIF bonds warrant a specialized approach, one that maximizes and delivers tangible value to your project. With our tailored solutions, we offer upfront capital without the developer bringing in additional dollars.

HC vs. loans

Your partners in unlocking TIF capital

Tax increments have multiple nuances that can push value. From funding dates to various ways to push future tax assumptions, the valuation of your asset can be based on how it’s underwritten and structured in the beginning. Hageman Capital is here to help navigate complexities in real estate and TIF, to help your project succeed.

Expertise makes the difference

How feasible is your planned development?

As you’re planning a development project, you need an accurate projection of your capital stack. TIF incentives may push your project toward higher returns. Selling your TIF bonds to Hageman Capital bridges the equity gap and move your project forward.