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After the successful exit of the largest wholesaler seed corn and seed soybean producer in the US, Hageman Group was founded to invest “From the Ground Up,” with a focus on real estate and agriculture. Hageman Capital builds on that legacy by purchasing TIF bonds that serve as the catalyst to enable new development in our communities. We serve as a principal source for TIF capital, and reduce execution risk by making investment decisions in-house, and deploying our capital on purchasing TIF bonds on behalf of real estate developers.

Monetize your TIF

Hageman Capital is the top resource for developers looking to use TIF bonds for their projects. We specialize in structuring TIF bonds to elevate your project’s value, securing additional capital through higher proceeds. When planning a new development with TIF incentives, Hageman Capital is your expert authority to help establish tailored TIF bonds for your project and provide immediate capital for the sale of your TIF.

You get:

Up front cash, a higher equity percentage in your development, and returns you never thought possible.

We bring immediate value, CRE developers love Hageman Capital

The Hageman team’s expertise in commercial real estate, TIF, and public-private partnerships has been an extremely valuable resource for our team. Having Hageman Capital as a financing partner also provides us a great deal of credibility with our investors, construction lenders, and municipal partners. They are a great group of people who care about how their involvement in a project can help achieve extraordinary outcomes for Rebar, our stakeholders, and the communities we serve.

Shelby Bowen, President & Partner of Rebar Development

Hageman Capital was an integral partner of Buckingham for our Carmel Midtown AT&T project. They actively engaged in the process and identified potential pitfalls. Their contribution extended to generating creative solutions within the team and legal framework.

Beyond their professional involvement, Xiao’s relationship-focused approach fostered a collaborative atmosphere. As we look to the future, Hageman Capital has earned a top position on our list, being among the first to explore and assess our upcoming projects.

Christopher W. Myrvold
Chief Financial Officer & Head of Real Estate of Buckingham

Working with Hageman Capital to finance TIF bonds was a great experience, they made the process simple and transparent. We appreciate their partnership and willingness to solve complicated issues fairly and quickly.

Fede Boscaini, Director of Development & Finance of Gershman Partners


Impact of bond structure on proceeds

The arrangement of your tax increment finance deal significantly influences the alignment of interests among bond issuers, investors, and stakeholders within a TIF project. Establishing these components within your bond structure ensures that the financial incentives are balanced and that all parties have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, adhering to legal, tax, and regulatory standards. Our underwriting process evaluates your proposed plan, and potential increment allocation for your specific development. A well-structured deal ensures compliance with these complexities, enhancing your bonds market value and proceeds.

Sell your TIF bonds

Capitalize on your bonds value at construction loan closing

Hageman Capital’s expertise in structuring TIF for single-site developments enables an accurate assessment of property values, facilitating the sale of your bonds and unlocking essential capital at loan closing. This transformation of an illiquid asset into accessible cash revolutionizes challenging projects, turning infeasible plans into high-value developments.

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Flexibility for your development project goals

Each state and municipality have different legal and project based requirements for the structuring of TIF bonds. Developers, faced with complex construction projects and financial balancing, can rely on Hageman Capital to navigate TIF financing and legal complexities. Hageman Capital has the tools and processes in place to accommodate your project’s components, maximizing TIF incentives for upfront capital.

Tif Bond Funding

Gain confidence in your financial projections

Hageman Capital’s expert-driven TIF bond structuring provides clarity, consistency, and comprehensive insight into the financial mechanisms underlying the TIF bonds. You get the optimal value for your TIF bonds, which equates to increased upfront capital and higher initial proceeds. Talk with us today and see what Hageman Capital can do for your development.

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